Recent Academic Promotions within the QuakeCoRE Community

Associate Director – Te Hiranga Rū QuakeCoRE
December 2, 2022
2022 RfPs
January 23, 2023

Congratulations to the members of the QuakeCoRE community for their recent academic promotions: 

Promotion to the rank of Professor

  • Charles Clifton (University of Auckland)
  • Seosamh Costello (University of Auckland)
  • Liam Wotherspoon (University of Auckland)

Promotion to the rank of Associate Professor

  • Chin-Long Lee (University of Canterbury) 
  • Raj Prasanna (Massey University)
  • Kevin Wang (University of Auckland)
  • Olga Filippova (University of Auckland)
  • Kristin Stock (Massey University) 

Promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer Above the Bar

  • Colin Whittaker (University of Auckland)
  • Matthew Hughes (University of Canterbury) 
  • Toni Collins (University of Canterbury) 
  • Tim Stahl (University of Canterbury) 

Promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer

  • Max Stephens (University of Auckland)
  • Lucas Hogan (University of Auckland)
  • Charlotte Toma (University of Auckland)
  • Conrad Zorn (University of Auckland)
  • Giuseppe Loporcaro (University of Canterbury) 
  • Robin Lee (University of Canterbury) 
  • Tom Logan (University of Canterbury) 
  • Tom Robinson (University of Canterbury) 


Updated on 25 January 2023 to include Associate Professor and Professor promotions from the University of Auckland.

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