Calls for for Expressions of Interest for Two New Committees

QuakeCoRE Seminar – 14 May 2021
March 1, 2021
Seismometer Deployment in Bay of Plenty Schools
March 31, 2021

Two new committees for the 2021-2028 QuakeCoRE Programme have been formed and are currently open for Expressions of Interests.

Diversity Equity Wellbeing and Inclusion (DEWI) Committee

In QuakeCoRE, we recognise and commit to the critical importance of being diverse, ensuring equity, supporting wellbeing and honouring inclusion across the QuakeCoRE networks, whānau and in our associated disciplines. Our aim is to achieve the QuakeCoRE vision of an earthquake-resilient Aotearoa for all.  This has led to the formation of a Diversity, Equity, Wellbeing, and Inclusion (DEWI) Committee who are tasked with forming a draft DEWI Strategy for discussion with the QuakeCoRE community and overseeing initiatives under QuakeCoRE 2021-2028 programme in support of this strategy.  Initial members of the Committee include Denise Blake, Emily Campbell, Kaley Crawford-Flett, Ken Elwood, Lesley Gray, and SR Uma.  We invite expressions of interest from anyone who might want to contribute to the development of DEWI initiatives. Such initiatives may include, but are not limited to:

  • Programmes to support and enhance our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the QuakeCoRE community and aligned professional communities
  • Programmes to support and enhance the Wellbeing of the QuakeCoRE community
  • Identification and measures of DEWI metrics on a regular basis
  • Identification of DEWI best practices and sharing of resources with QuakeCoRE community
  • Research on DEWI and its relationship to the vision and mission of QuakeCoRE

Please be on the look out for a brief survey to be conducted by the DEWI Committee in near future to benchmark the diversity, equity, wellbeing and inclusion of our community members and seek your ideas on possible DEWI activities under the new QuakeCoRE research programme.

Anyone interested should contact QuakeCoRE

Communication, Education and Engagement (CEE) Committee

Communication, science translation and education are critical aspects of the QuakeCoRE mission. Our QuakeCoRE Early Research chapters, undergraduate and graduate education opportunities, schools education, media, seminar series and other engagement activities have been highlights of the first phase of QuakeCoRE.

Caroline Orchiston is taking up the role of Associate Director, Communication, Education and Engagement (CEE) in the new QuakeCoRE programme. As we build up to the start of the new programme in July, there is an opportunity to contribute to defining the scope of the CEE programme.  We welcome the Te Hiranga Rū community to take part in these discussions.

We will be meeting for a half-day hui in Christchurch in late April, and invite QuakeCoRE AIs and PIs to express their interest in attending. More information, including dates and an agenda, will be provided next month.

Anyone interested should contact Caroline Orchiston


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