Blind Prediction Competition 2019 – Results

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December 2, 2019
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Blind Prediction Competition 2019


The organizers thank all the participants of the QuakeCoRE Blind Prediction Competition 2019. We received final submissions from 14 teams (12 for Category-1 and 2 for Category-2), from 8 different countries and regions.

We are pleased to announce two winners among those participants and each winning team shall receive up to NZD 3000 in travel funding*. A summary of the results and judging criteria is presented in this document. We shall provide the link for more detailed results once the test data is published online.

Winning Teams

Gianrocco Mucedero, Antonio Silva, Daniele Perrone, Ricardo Monteiro

from IUSS Pavia, Italy

(participated in Category-1, Assigned Team #: 2)


Ricardo Bustamante, Rodolfo Alvarez, and Jose I. Restrepo

from Department of Structural Engineering, University of California, San Diego, USA

(participated in Category-2, Assigned Team #: 6)


The two winning teams had the best overall predictions among the 14 participants and also within the categories under which they submitted their entries.



*Travel Funding: For an international winner, the travel funding must be used to attend the 2020 QuakeCoRE Annual Meeting. All travel funding will be done based on reimbursement and can only be used to support travel which meets QuakeCoRE’s travel policy.

Additional information about the Blind Prediction Test can be found here.

Please email Ash with any questions about the Blind Prediction Test Competition.


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