QuakeCoRE Emerging Researcher Chapters

The QuakeCoRE Emerging Researcher Chapters is a community among our students and postdocs. These chapters are open to all students and emerging researchers who are working in the field of earthquake resilience, and aim to promote networking collaboration, and knowledge sharing among members.

These chapters are student led; contact the chapter leaders below if you would like to be involved.


-- This information is in the process of being updated. Thanks for your patience. --

QuakeCoRE Scholars

Shannon Abeling: Working with Jason Ingham, Nick Horspool & David Johnston (FP3), University of Auckland 
Rizwan Ahmad: Working with Venkateswarlu Pulakanam, John Vargo & Mesbahuddin Chowdhury (FP5), University of Canterbury
Xavier Bellagamba: Working with Brendon Bradley & Liam Wotherspoon (FP1), University of Canterbury
Ann Brown: Working with Bernard Walker & John Vargo (FP5), University of Canterbury
Pavan Chigullapally: Working with Liam Wotherspoon & Alessandro Palermo (SP1), University of Auckland
Claudio Cappellaro: Working with Misko Cubrinovski & Gabriele Chiaro (FP2), University of Canterbury
Chris de la Torre: Working with Brendon Bradley & Liam Wotherspoon (FP1), University of Canterbury
Riwaj Dhakal: Working with Misko Cubrinovski & Jonathan Bray (FP2), University of Canterbury
Gary Dojo
: Working with Charles Clifton & Rick Henry (FP4), University of Auckland 
Tom Francis: Working with Tim Sullivan & Andrē Filiatrault (FP4), University of Canterbury
Francisco Gálvez González:
Working with Jason Ingham & Nick Horspool (FP3), University of Auckland
Martin Garcia: Working with Bruce Glavovic, Corrina Tucker & Iain White & (FP4), Massey University 

Henrieta Hamilton-Skurak: Working with Katharina Naswall & Sanna Malinen (FP5), University of Canterbury
Rabia Ijaz:
Working with Venkataraman Nilakant & Bernard Walker (FP5), University of Canterbury
Anna Kowal:
Working with Mark Stirling, Chris Van Houtte & Liam Wotherspoon (FP1), University of Otago
Vahid Loghman: Working with Brendon Bradley, Regan Chandramohan & Ken Elwood (TP4), University of Canterbury
James Maguire: Working with Charles Clifton & James Lim (FP4), University of Auckland
Nikolaos Ntritsos: Working with Misko Cubrinovski & Jonathan Bray (FP2), University of Canterbury
Eyitayo Opabola: Working with Ken Elwood & Des Bull (FP3), University of Auckland
Ana Isabel Sarkis Fernandez: Working with Alessandro Palermo & Stephen Hicks (FP4), University of Canterbury 
Mehdi Sarrafzadeh: Working with Ken Elwood & Geoff Rodgers (FP4), University of Canterbury
Alex Shegay: Working with Ken Elwood (FP4), University of Auckland

Past Scholars

Kaveh Andisheh: University of Canterbury
Negin Papen: University of Auckland
Shahab Ramhormozian: University of Auckland