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QuakeCoRE has a monthly newsletter, as well as periodic blog and Facebook updates to keep the community up to date.

QuakeCoRE has a regular seminar series.

QuakeCoRE releases a newsletter on the first Friday of each month. You can view the previous issues, or sign up via the links.

Please share with our community by sending us content for the newsletter. We’d love to hear about transitions of community members, roles or institutions including QuakeCoRE scholars starting or completing, upcoming events, awards, outreach/community talks and media.

Our Facebook page is the way to receive most up-to date and immediate information from the QuakeCoRE community.

The 2020 QuakeCoRE Annual Report is now available for download.

Recent updates and highlights in our community are posted on the QuakeCoRE blog.

QuakeCoRE has a range of resources available to our community including CoRE logo options, a PowerPoint template and other resources.