LiquefACT joins QuakeCoRE as an Affiliate Organisation

DesignSafe joins QuakeCoRE as an Affiliate Organisation
May 11, 2018
QuakeCoRE Seminar – 15 June 2018: Wendy Saunders
May 19, 2018

We are pleased to announce LiquefACT (European Union) has joined QuakeCoRE as an Affiliate Organisation.

LiquefACT is an European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. The LiquefACT project addresses the mitigation of risk of Earthquake Induced Liquefactions Disasters (EILDs) in European communities with a holistic approach. LiquefACT seeks to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of EILDs, the applications of the mitigation techniques and the development of more appropriate techinques tailored to each specific scenario, for both European and world wide situations.

Misko Cubrinovski is the key contact at QuakeCoRE for our collaboration with LiquefACT.

QuakeCoRE affiliate organisation status is available to international research centres and institutions that have a significant ongoing collaborative research relationship with QuakeCoRE

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