NHERI@UTexas joins QuakeCoRE as an Affiliate Organisation

Natural Hazards Center joins QuakeCoRE as an Affiliate Organisation
September 13, 2018
2019-20 RfP: Additional Information
September 21, 2018

We are pleased to announce NHERI@UTexas (USA) has joined QuakeCoRE as an Affiliate Organisation.

NHERI@UTexas is an experimental facility equipped with large, mobile dynamic shakers and associated instrumentation to the study and development of novel, in-situ testing methods that can be used to both evaluate the needs of existing infrastructure and optimize the design of future infrastructure, such that our communities become more resilient to earthquakes and other natural hazards. The University of Texas Austin NHERI Experimental Facility is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation

Brendon Bradley is the key contact at QuakeCoRE for our collaboration with NHERI@UTexas.

QuakeCoRE affiliate organisation status is available to international research centres and institutions that have a significant ongoing collaborative research relationship with QuakeCoRE

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