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October 5, 2022
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November 30, 2022

Shannon Abeling

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New Zealand earthquakes with a maximum MMI of 7 or greater in populated areas from the period of 1840 – 2017 inclusive. Earthquakes that caused a fatality are in red (Earthquake sources from GeoNet (2017).

New Zealand’s borders opened just in time for Shannon’s parents to attend her graduation and she is now an EQC-funded Research Fellow at the University of Auckland. She is investigating what level of seismic resilience the public want for their buildings and whether the building code needs to change as a result.

PhD and Masters Scholarship applications typically open in September each year. For more information please email quakecore@canterbury.ac.nz.


QuakeCoRE is committed to developing the next generation of researchers in order to transform the earthquake resilience of communities and socieities, through innovative world-class research, human capacity development and deep national and international collaborations.

QuakeCoRE aims to establish and link multi-institutional national research programmes that are internationally networked. The research programmes will advance the science and implementation pathways of earthquake resilience through system-level science with highly integrated collaborations coordinated across the physical, engineering, and social sciences and relevant research institutions. Our research is organised into Disciplinary Themes, Inter-disciplinary Programmes and the Coordination Mechanisms of Technology Megatrend Capability Areas and Regional Network Areas.

QuakeCoRE has nationally connected Emerging Researcher Chapters throughout the major centres of Aotearoa New Zealand to promote networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing between members of the earthquake resilience community. More information about the Chapters can be found here.

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