QuakeCoRE Funding Awarded – 2016

QuakeCoRE Funding Awarded – 2017
January 1, 2017
In 2016, QuakeCoRE supported a range of research initiatives. They are listed below.
Project Investigators Project Title Area Funding awarded Pub No Report link
Bradley Support for FP1 Postdoctoral Fellow FP1 $80,000 plus overheads 
Cubrinovski Support for FP2 Postdoctoral Fellow FP2 $80,000 plus overheads  
Ingham FP3 Postdoctoral Fellow – supported by UA as part of the -partnership agreement FP3 – 
Elwood FP4 Postdoctoral Fellow – supported by UC as part of the partnership agreement FP4 – 
Seville Support for FP5 Postdoctoral Fellow FP5 $80,000 plus overheads  
Elwood Support for TP1 TP1 $195,000
Wotherspoon Support for TP2 TP2 $195,000
Horspool Support for TP3 TP3 $195,000
Bradley Support for TP4 TP4 $195,000
Contestable- RfP
Bradley, Wotherspoon & Massey Advancing ground motion simulation methodologies through further insights from the 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquakes FP1 $60,000
PettingaBradley Guidance for the utilization of earthquake-induced ground motion simulations in engineering practice FP1 $15,000
SomervilleBradley Validation of Strong Ground Motion Simulations of two Historical New Zealand Subduction Zone Earthquakes on the SCEC Broadband Strong Ground Motion Simulation Platform FP1 $32,000
Stirling & van Houtte Validation of earthquake simulations using fragile geologic features. FP1 $18,000
Wotherspoon & Bradley Dynamic Site Characterisation of the Nelson/Tasman Region FP1 $11,500
 van Ballegooy, CubrinovskiRussell Lateral Spreading Observations and Interpretation from the Christchurch Earthquakes FP2 $20,000
Chiaro, Taylor, Wotherspoon & Palmer Characterisation of cyclic behaviour and liquefaction resistance of Wellington Port gravelly soils FP2 $18,500
Cubrinovski, Stringer & van Ballegooy Effects of Partial Saturation on Liquefaction Triggering FP2 $21,000
Lacrosse, Bradley van Ballegooy Comparison between deterministic and probabilistic liquefaction triggering assessment approaches over the Christchurch area FP2 $13,000
Orense, Pender, Wotherspoon, van Ballegooy & Cubrinovski Evaluation of liquefaction potential of pumiceous deposits through field testing FP2 $20,000
Pender, Orense & van Ballegooy Numerical modelling of recorded pore pressure response during the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence FP2 $12,000
Stringer, Orense, Cubrinovski & Pender Evaluation of undistributed sampling techniques for pumiceous soils FP2 $40,000
van Ballegooy, Orense, Pender & Wotherspoon Whakatane liquefaction case history from the 1987 Edgecumbe Earthquake: examination of an extensive CPT dataset supplemented by paleo-liquefaction investigations FP2 $20,600
Becker, Johnston, Orchiston & Ingham Where perceptions and policy meet: Understanding pathways to improving mitigation for earthquake prone buildings FP3 $20,000
Brower & Johnston The evolution of New Zealand earthquake safety policy FP3 $12,000
Dizhur, Ingham & Bradley Shake table testing of simple and practical securing solutions for face loaded unreinforced masonry walls FP3 $45,000
FilippovaIngham Quantifying the economic impact of New Zealand’s earthquake-prone building policy on commercial property markets FP3 $18,025
Ingham, Noy & Johnston Exemplar retrofits: Celebrating success FP3 $5,000
Ivory, Bowie & Ingham Stronger buildings via precinct upgrades: Understanding lesson learnt from past precinct approaches FP3 $15,000
Jafarzadeh & Ingham The cost of seismic retrofits: Case studies from Auckland Council FP3 $4,000
Noy, Filippova, Seville & Vargo Insurance for EQP buildings – incentives, premiums, and contracts FP3 $15,500
Clifton Enhanced Seismic Resilience of Light Steel Frame Pallet Racking Systems FP4 $12,500
Elwood, Motter & Smith Residual capacity of repaired reinforced concrete walls and lower-damage modifications FP4 $38,000
Morris, Carradine, Beattie, Chang-Richards & LaCrosse Improving seismic performance, resilience, repair and assessment of New Zealand light frame houses with a focus on post-event occupation. FP4 $10,420
Palermo Design Procedure and Feasibility Analysis of Low-Damage Dissipative Rocking Precast Concrete Bridge Decks FP4 $24,000
Rodgers, PampaninMa Direction Dependent Dissipation (D3) Devices: Semi-Active Behaviour with the robustness of a passive device FP4 $34,000
Sarti, Smith, PalermoPampanin Understand the dynamic characteristics of post-tensioned multi-storey timber buildings through monitoring and field testing on actual implementations FP4 $18,000
Chang-Richards, Brown & Smith Effects of alternative reconstruction pathways on earthquake recovery FP5 $37,000
Giovinazzi, Seville & Elwood Linking building properties and damage to earthquake-induced business’ downtime FP5 $28,400
Glavovic Understanding the governance dimensions of earthquake resilience FP5 $30,000
Hatton, BrownSeville Creating the business case for investment in organisational resilience FP5 $16,000
Orchiston, Smith, BrownHarvey Scoping Tourism Dynamics Post-Quake: A Module for MERIT FP5 $30,000
Saunders, Mathieson, Coomer & Ries Are plans at fault? Understanding how active faults are incorporated into land use plans FP5 $16,250
Costello  Infrastructure and built- environment solutions FP6* $8,000
Giovinazzi  Performance of the Telecommunication Network during the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence FP6* $13,700
Hogan, InghamWilson Collaborative framework for large‐scale structural testing between New Zealand research institutions and Swinburne University of Technology TP1 $23,500
Motter, Elwood & Pampanin Loading Protocols and Limit State Criteria for Laboratory Testing TP1 $5,000
Horspool, Elwood, Uma & Nayerloo Smart Seismic Cities  TP3 $30,000
Vargo Data integration and visualisation: Prototyping QuakeCoRE data platform for diverse needs. TP3 $33,000
McGann, Bradley & Wotherspoon OpenSees on NeSI computational resources: Implementation of source code, pre- and post-processing software development, and community workshops TP4 $20,000
Johnston, Ingham, Deely & MacDonald Human Behaviour in Earthquakes: Implications for Engineering Design SEED $15,000
Kenney Development of a Vision Mātauranga Strategy that addresses the particular research needs of QuakeCoRE SEED $30,000
Massey Why did the “toe slumps” slump during the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes? SEED $34,000
Wilson, Bradley & Johnston Knowledge transfer for sustainable earthquake risk communication practice: Advancing student and professionals skills in risk communication EOT $10,000
* Supported with Resilience to Natures Challenge funding

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