QuakeCoRE Funding Awarded – 2017

QuakeCoRE Funding Awarded – 2016
January 1, 2016
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July 7, 2017
 In 2017, QuakeCoRE supported a range of research initiatives. They are listed below.
Project Investigators Project Title Area Funding awarded Pub No Report link
Bradley Support for FP1 Postdoctoral Fellow FP1 $80,000 plus overheads 
Cubrinovski Support for FP2 Postdoctoral Fellow FP2 $80,000 plus overheads  
Ingham FP3 Postdoctoral Fellow – supported by UA as part of the of the partnership agreement FP3 – 
Elwood Support for FP4 Postdoctoral Fellow FP4 $80,000 plus overheads  
Seville Support for FP5 Postdoctoral Fellow FP5 $80,000 plus overheads  
Elwood Support for TP1 TP1 $195,000
Wotherspoon Support for TP2 TP2 $195,000
Horspool Support for TP3 TP3 $195,000
Bradley Support for TP4 TP4 $195,000
Bradley, Cubrinovski, Elwood, Sullivan, Johnston, Wotherspoon & Wilson Alpine Fault Case Study STRAT $210,000
Contestable- RfP
Bradley, Pettinga & Horspool Waveform tomography of a South Island Velocity Model and simulation of major Hope Fault earthquakes on the South Island, New Zealand FP1 $34,000
Bradley, Wotherspoon, & Hosseini Development of a NZ-wide Vs30 model for modelling site effects in regional ground motion simulations FP1 $33,000
Dempsey Title of proposed project: Ground motion simulations for Hauraki Rift earthquakes FP1 $9,875
Pettinga, Bradley &  Fraser Response history analyses of structural and geotechnical systems using simulated and recorded ground motions FP1 $18,000
Stirling, Gorman & Wotherspoon A 3D shear wave velocity model for Dunedin: Data gathering and interpretation FP1 $14,500
Wotherspoon, Bradley & Ghisetti Development of a seismic velocity model and site characterisation for the Nelson/Tasman Region FP1 $34,200
Bastin, Cubrinovskivan Ballegooy Characterization and Interpretation of Lateral Spreading Observations from the 2010-2011 Christchurch Earthquakes FP2 $22,500
Orense, Stringer, Cubrinovsk & van Ballegooy Liquefaction characteristics of pumiceous deposits from high-quality sampling   FP2 $41,600
van Ballegooy, Wotherspoon, Cubrinovski, Stringer Rees Scrutiny of Simplified Liquefaction Triggering Procedures based on Historical NZ Earthquakes FP2 $90,000
Egbelakin, InghamGlavovic Improving Earthquake Resilience in Provincial Towns – A Town Centre Regeneration Approach  FP3 $18,500
Hopkins Safe as Houses? The Impact of the Earthquake-prone Buildings Amendment Act 2016 on New Zealand’s Existing Building Stock FP3 $12,000
Ingham, Dizhur, Henry & Elwood Detailed seismic assessment of reinforced concrete buildings FP3 $57,000
Ingham, Giovinazzi, Goded & Horspool An operational framework to determine the seismic resilience of New Zealand churches FP3 $22,000
Ingham, Dizhur, ScottSmith Seismic assessment of corroded reinforced concrete buildings  FP3 $8,000
Noy & Filippova Increasing earthquake resilience: Internalising externalities through regulation and financial risk transfer tools FP3 $26,047
Clifton Enhanced Seismic Resilience of Light Steel Frame Pallet Racking Systems FP4 $16,500
Henry, Elwood, Palermo, SmithStevenson Exploration of lower-damage modifications to conventional reinforced  concrete walls FP4 $33,000
MacRae, CliftonRodgers Large Friction Connection Performance and Reparability FP4 $34,000
Rodgers Development and System-Level Implementation of Novel Damping Devices  FP4 $37,700
Sullivan, Elwood & Pettinga Seismic loss assessment to motivate high performance building solutions FP4 $26,000
Orchiston, Brown, & Ingham  The Oamaru tourism precinct: decision-making for resilient solutions associated with heritage, earthquake-prone buildings FP5 $37,788
SmithBrown Defining the value of built infrastructure FP5 $38,500
Crawford-Flett Characterisation and screening of New Zealand stopbank networks SP1* $22,000
Hughes, Wotherspoonvan Ballegooy Characterising long-term ground deformation impacts on Christchurch City’s buried high voltage electricity network since the start of the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence SP1* $23,851
Uma & Horspool Framework for integrated ‘end to end’ impact assessment of infrastructure networks under natural hazards SP1* $20,000
Whittaker Tsunami loading characteristics on power poles SP1* $21,000
 * Supported with Resilience to Natures Challenge funding

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