QuakeCoRE Funding Awarded – 2018

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July 7, 2017
2018 QuakeCoRE Seminar Series
January 1, 2018
  In 2018, QuakeCoRE supported a range of research initiatives. They are listed below.
Project Investigators Project Title Area Funding awarded Pub No Report Link
Bradley Support for Flagship 1 FP1 $250,000
Cubrinovski Support for Flagship 2 FP2 $250,000
Elwood Support for Flagship 3 FP3 $250,000
Sullivan Support for Flagship 4 FP4 $250,000
Johnston Support for Flagship 5 FP5 $250,000
Henry Support for Technology Platform 1 TP1 $195,000
Wotherspoon Support for Technology Platform 2 TP2 $195,000
Horspool Support for Technology Platform 3 TP3 $195,000
Bradley Support for Technology Platform 4 TP4 $195,000
Savarimuthu Do open source social media monitoring software meet the needs of various stakeholders during earthquake disaster management? – A capability mapping study DIRDIS $26,379
Contestable- RfP
Hayden, McGann & Wotherspoon Validation of SFSI and liquefaction numerical simulations using centrifuge data FP2 $23,500
McGann & Hayden Soil-foundation-structure interaction analysis of an instrumented Wellington building FP2 $48,000
Egbelakin, Filippova, Sullivan-Taylor & Ingham Improving earthquake resilience: examining the impacts of policy alternatives and incentive on seismic retrofit and investment decisions FP3 $29,250
Chandramohan, Horspool & Bradley Incorporating the influence of ground motion duration and response spectral shape in New Zealand structural design and assessment practice. FP4 $38,130
Chang-Richards & Nair Quantification of infrastructure downtime in earthquake reconstruction FP5 $31,500
Sullivan-Taylor & Filippova Reducing risk and building resilience: Establishing public good value of earthquake-vulnerable heritage buildings FP5 $28,000
Gioviannzi & Wotherspoon Seismic resilience for fast-changing telecommunication networks SP1* $10,000
Whittaker Tsunami vulnerability of key infrastructural assets SP1* $24,000
Chowdhury Understanding evacuation and travel behaviour under emergency situations in Auckland, New Zealand SP1* $43,470
Crawford-Flett Assessing the impact of undocumented stopbanks on flood routing and catchment performance SP1* $38,600
  * Supported with Resilience to Natures Challenge funding

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