QuakeCoRE Funding Awarded – 2019-20

QERC Skills Workshop: Ethics of Post Disaster Research
November 28, 2018
QuakeCoRE Seminar – 22 February 2019
January 1, 2019
In 2019-20, QuakeCoRE is supporting a range of research initiatives. They are listed below.
Project Investigators Project Title Area Funding awarded Pub Numbers Reports
Bradley Support for Flagship 1 FP1 $300,000
Cubrinovski Support for Flagship 2 FP2 $300,000
Elwood Support for Flagship 3 FP3 $300,000
Sullivan Support for Flagship 4 FP4 $300,000
Johnston Support for Flagship 5 FP5 $300,000
Henry Support for Technology Platform 1 TP1 $195,000
Wotherspoon Support for Technology Platform 2 TP2 $195,000
Bradley Support for Technology Platform 4 TP4 $195,000
Contestable- RfP
Dizhur & Hogan  Increasing public benefit awareness and standard seismic retrofit details for URM buildings FP3 $
Egbelakin & Ingham Impacts of Earthquake Policy on Resilience Decisions of Marae Owners and Māori Communities VM/FP3 $


Henry & Clifton Design of new hybrid buildings with concrete walls and steel frames FP4 $
Hogan & Henry Masters Scholarship:Improving robustness of low‐rise precast concrete panel‐to‐foundation details FP4 $
Jeong & Wotherspoon Dynamic site characterisation of the Waikato Basin using surface wave methods FP1 $
Johnston & Wotherspoon Masters Scholarship: Minimising public health risks from raw wastewater after a large Wellington earthquake FP5 $
Stringer Understanding engineering characteristics of New Zealand stopbank networks SP1 $

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