QuakeCoRE Funding Awarded

QuakeCoRE Seminar – 18 February 2022
January 31, 2022
2021-22 Scholarships awarded
February 2, 2022
Our new research programme is now underway, Te Hiranga Rū QuakeCoRE is supporting a range of research initiatives, through both contestable and non-contestable funding.


Project Investigators Project Title Area Funding awarded
 Bradley / Orense / Stahl  Disciplinary Theme 1 Research Programme  DT1 $1,470,000
Henry / Pujol   Disciplinary Theme 2 Research Programme  DT2 $1,470,000
Noy / Hopkins   Disciplinary Theme 3 Research Programme  DT3 $653,335
Johnston / Orchiston   Disciplinary Theme 4 Research Programme  DT4 $653,335
Kenney / Fa’aui / Hoete   Disciplinary Theme 4 Research Programme  DT5 $653,335
Rodgers / Chang-Richards   Inter-disciplinary Programme 1  IP1 $875,000
Sullivan / Becker   Inter-disciplinary Programme 2  IP2 $875,000
Wotherspoon / Brown   Inter-disciplinary Programme 3  IP3 $875,000
Nair / McDonald   Inter-disciplinary Programme 4  IP4 $665,000
Contestable- RfP
 Filippova  Whakapapa, Whānau and Whanaungatanga Wānanga: Indigenising community engagement through kōrero  DT5 $60,500
Hashemi  A low damage wall-to-floor connection for mass timber structures: Testing and Design DT2 $46,500
Kaiser  Tsunami and seismic outreach in Tairāwhiti/Waiāriki kura and schools DT4 $20,000
L’Hermitte  Managing freight bottlenecks and transport capacity shortages in the wake of a major earthquake IP3 $68,900
Logan  Enhancing risk assessment by understanding cascading failures through interdependent urban infrastructure IP3 $60,600
MacRae  Improving Building System Performance considering GripNGrab Tension-Only Friction Devices in Rocking Frames DT2 $37,000
Robinson Risk from post-earthquake debris flows: modelling potential remobilisation of coseismic landslides DT1 $41,711
Vinnell Understanding human behaviour during earthquake shaking to reduce injuries in Aotearoa New Zealand DT4 $42,550
Yates  Assessment of the liquefaction potential of loess soils, Banks Peninsula DT1 $12,000

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