QuakeCoRE Portal: Tips for investigators

Jason Ingham delivers keynote presentation at the 10th International Masonry Conference, Milan, 9-11 July 2018
July 31, 2018
Welcome to our new Associate Investigators
July 31, 2018
The QuakeCoRE Investigator Portal has been upgraded to provide more user-friendly and useful features for our community.

How to access the Portal
QuakeCoRE Investigators can access the portal with this link

As part of the July 2018 upgrade, we have reset your password. Your new password will have been emailed to you. Once you have logged into the new site, please click on the first button ‘Portal Profile’ and then select the ‘Change Password’ link. This is also a great time to check that your profile details are correct using the ‘Edit Profile’ link in this same menu.

We have reconfigured the portal to have 4 sections:

1. Portal Profile
This is where you can change your password and edit your profile. Your profile details will be used for reporting to TEC so we appreciate you taking a moment to check they are correct.

2. Publications
 In 2018 the portal will be used to identify our direct outputs for TEC reporting. We encourage you to keep these up to date throughout the year as this will make your annual reporting more effective and efficient.

How to Obtain a Publication Number for Direct Publications
The portal will continue to provide publication numbers, simply click on the ‘QuakeCoRE Publications’ button to access the link to get a publication number. The system will automatically generate a publication number and the acknowledement text for you to use immediately in your publication.

You can also use this menu to view and update your publications, via the ‘View / Update my publications details’ link.
Note: If there is not an option to edit a publication it means that this published publication has been confirmed by the Support Team and the output has been reported to TEC, therefore we can’t make any changes.

Download Publication Details
You can now download a file containing the details of all your publications that are listed in the QuakeCoRE portal. This will allow you to review the status of your publications and will also be the information the Support Team use for Annual Reporting.

3. Investigator Tools – Logo & Template
The ‘Investigator Tools’ button will take you to a link that will allow you to accesses helpful resources such as; the QuakeCoRE Logo, PowerPoint Presentation Template and Workshop Invitation Template. Please let us know what other tools might be useful.

4. Contracting Documents
This section of the portal contains links to the no-cost extension application form and project variation form. If you think that you may need to request either of these for your project, please contact the QuakeCoRE Support Team.

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