QuakeCoRE Seminar – 7 August 2020

Te Hiki o Rūaumoko
July 14, 2020
Te Hiranga Rū 2020 Annual Meeting Poster Competition
July 25, 2020

10 am Friday 7th August

Misko Cubrinovski

(University of Canterbury)

Engineering evaluation of liquefaction problems


Soil liquefaction is one of the most dramatic forms of damage to land and structures during earthquakes. The Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquakes clearly demonstrated that liquefaction is not only relevant, but indeed is one of the critical seismic hazards for New Zealand.

This talk will explore some important characteristics of soil liquefaction and associated challenges in its engineering evaluation. We will critically examine engineering considerations of key elements in the assessment (e.g. earthquake load – demand, and soil resistance to liquefaction – capacity), but will also discuss important aspects of the problem that currently are not adequately addressed in the assessment.

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