QuakeCoRE Seminar – 17 May 2019

Blind Prediction Competition 2019
March 20, 2019
Rebid Workshop: Critical cultural and social factors determining societal resilience to earthquakes
April 4, 2019

10 am Friday 17 May

Julia Becker, Massey University  

The potential for Earthquake Early Warning in New Zealand: Investigating the social benefits


An earthquake early warning (EEW) is a warning you might get a few seconds to a minute before shaking from an earthquake occurs at your location.  Warnings may be transmitted via specific channels such as smartphones, other media devices (e.g. television, radio) or custom-made equipment. On receipt of a warning, systems can be automatically shut down, or people can undertake actions to protect life and property. New Zealand does not currently have a comprehensive EEW system, but research has been undertaken to understand whether one would be useful.  We undertook focus groups and interviews with agencies representing key sectors (e.g. lifelines, emergency management, utilities, transport, education, etc.) and a public survey, to ask how people thought EEW might be used in New Zealand, and what the perceived benefits might be.  This seminar will present key results from the focus groups, interviews and survey, with reflection on how the findings align with EEW utility in countries like Japan and the US.

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