QuakeCoRE Seminar – 18 May 2018: Joanne Stevenson

New damping devices help create more resilient buildings
March 31, 2018
NZSEE Conference included accolades for QuakeCoRE researchers
April 22, 2018

10 am Friday 18 May

Joanne Stevenson, Resilient Organisations

Impacts of the Alpine Fault earthquake on government productivity

The Kaikoura earthquakes took Wellington by surprise. Tens of thousands of Wellington workers were affected, many of these in Government departments which had to be relocated for an extended period due to damaged buildings.  What level of disruption would an Alpine Fault earthquake have on the government sector in Wellington?  Current economic models being used to assess the impact on Wellington of a big earthquake are not well calibrated with respect to the productivity of the government sector. Even a small change in productivity could have a resulting large economic impact, particularly given the importance of the government sector and supporting services to the Wellington economy.  In this project, we have leveraged work being undertaken by Flagship 4, developing updated fragility curves for commercial buildings, and the RiskScape modelling of impacts in Wellington; in addition to Kaikoura productivity impacts research already being undertaken under a Natural Hazards Research Platform (NHRP), to understand productivity impacts from an Alpine Fault scenario. This presentation will cover the findings of our post-Kaikoura case studies and the translation of those results into a government productivity module in MERIT (Modelling the Economic Resilience of Infrastructure Tool).

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