QuakeCoRE Seminar – 26 June 2020

QuakeCoRE Seminar – 12 June 2020
May 25, 2020
2020 Annual Meeting Workshop Details
June 22, 2020

11 am Friday 26th June

Rajesh Dhakal (University of Canterbury) 

Beam Elongation and its Implications on Seismic Performance of RC Frame Buildings with Precast Concrete Floor Systems


In capacity design of RC frame buildings, plastic hinges are forced in beams so that a ductile beam-sway mechanism forms prior to other less ductile mechanisms in an event of a major earthquake. This is achieved by ensuring that the columns remain elastic when the beams reach their flexural strength. However, experimental tests on monolithic precast floor-frame subassemblies have shown that beams can achieve significantly higher strength than that currently specified in Concrete Codes. This level of strength enhancement raises concerns on the adequacy of the current capacity design provisions.


Current practice of monolithically connecting floors to frame all around the perimeter inevitably invites damage to floor-frame interfaces during earthquakes, and beam elongation adds further to the complications. This presentation will summarize experimental and analytical studies conducted at University of Canterbury to understand and account for beam elongation in seismic assessment and design RC building frames. It will also introduce a plastic hinge element developed at University of Canterbury that can reliably predict elongation of RC beams/frames and can be used in seismic performance assessment of ductile frame buildings including frame-floor interaction.

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