QuakeCraft is showcased at the 2019 FabLab Conference

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August 2, 2019
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August 13, 2019

Last week, Brandy Alger showcased QuakeCraft at the 2019 FabLab Conference (Fab15) in Egypt. Our QuakeCraft Schools Programme won the 2018 Chevron STEM award at the Fab14 conference in Toulouse, France.

In 2019, the QuakeCraft Team were invited to Fab15 to run workshops, as well as present the programme to hundreds of conference attendees. The first of two workshops was designed to show how the modules work for kids – everyone was able to make the tall tower module and test their structures on the shake table containing QuakeCoRE earthquake data. The second workshop was how to build the kit so that each attendees can bring QuakeCraft back to their own countries. The team had 28 kits ready to build and QuakeCraft can now be used in 22 new countries around the world.

They also presented the work we have been doing with QuakeCraft over the last year; which includes more modules, better kits, and collaboration with Māori to develop Papa Wiri Cultural programme.

Overall, reception of QuakeCraft was high and many educators are excited to bring it into their classroom; including a STEM coordinator for a low decile community in New York who plans to make it available to all science teachers.

We acknowledge the contribution that Unlocking Curious Minds and EQC funding has made to the QuakeCraft Programme.

More information about QuakeCraft is available here

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