Rebid Workshop: Critical structural engineering factors for earthquake resilience

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May 3, 2019
Rebid Workshop: Economics and seismic policy settings
May 3, 2019

Workshop Title:  Critical structural engineering factors for earthquake resilience

Workshop Location: Via Zoom (Contact Rick Henry for Zoom link –

Workshop Timing: 6 June, 9 AM – 12 Noon

Workshop Registration: Please email Rick Henry (

Workshop Description:
This workshop aims to explore research directions and needs for the QuakeCoRE 2 rebid. The aim of this workshop is to collaboratively understand the structural engineering factors that most critically impact New Zealand’s seismic resilience. In the workshop we will discuss a draft framework of potential research (see below), and collate ideas from workshop participants for future research in this theme.

Workshop Details:

The structural disciplinary area will focus on whole of building response.  Observations from past research and earthquakes have highlighted that considering individual structural components in isolation can result in unintended structural response and damage.  As engineers strive to design more resilient and repairable buildings there is a greater need to consider the building as an entire holistic system in order to ensure that appropriate performance objectives can be met across a range of hazard levels.

Key mechanisms investigated for whole of building response will include interaction between vertical and horizontal structural systems (e.g. wall-to-floor), floor diaphragms, and non-structural components.  In addition, consideration of whole of design life will introduce quantifying losses and performance across a range of hazard levels.  Both the design of new buildings and assessment an retrofit of existing buildings will be included within the disciplinary area.

An initial white paper and agenda will be circulated to prompt initial discussions for the proposal development. The workshop will provide an opportunity to understanding ongoing projects in this space, and how these can be further developed. Priority research areas and objectives will be developed.

QuakeCoRE Research Planning Workshop Series

Over the next couple of months, QuakeCoRE will be hosting a series of workshops to develop research topics that will form an important component of our rebid application to TEC. These workshops are a key opportunity for you to input and participate in the development of our future research programme plans.

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