Rebid Workshop: Harnessing disruptive technologies

Rebid Workshop: Building seismic resilience into New Zealand’s transportation and logistics system
May 3, 2019
Rebid Workshop: Resilient communities during and after earthquakes
May 3, 2019

Workshop Title: Harnessing disruptive technologies

Workshop Location: Via Zoom –

Workshop Timing: Tuesday 8th October 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Workshop Description:
This workshop aims to explore research directions and needs for the QuakeCoRE 2 rebid. The aim of this theme is to collaboratively understand how transformational advancements in New Zealand’s critical infrastructure resilience could be achieved through strategic adoption of disruptive technologies. In the workshop we will discuss a draft framework of potential research (see below), and collate ideas from workshop participants for future research in this theme.

Workshop Details:

Discussion documents for the call & further information from Nirmal Nair (

QuakeCoRE Research Planning Workshop Series

Over the next couple of months, QuakeCoRE will be hosting a series of workshops to develop research topics that will form an important component of our rebid application to TEC. These workshops are a key opportunity for you to input and participate in the development of our future research programme plans.

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