ROBUST Building Testing Programme Technical visit to ILEE, Shanghai

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April 22, 2018
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May 11, 2018

In early May, Charles Clifton and Greg MacRae visited ILEE in Shanghai to meet the ROBUST co-PI, Prof Zhao, and plan the testing programme. QuakeCoRE is the New Zealand ILEE partner, and is partially supporting this project.

Charles and Greg were graciously hosted by ILEE Director Tony Yang and ILEE Secretary Yang Lan. They were grateful to the prestigious Tongji/ILEE professors who made time to engage with them, in particular Prof Yin Zhou and Prof Wensheng Lu.

They also had the opportunity to join the ILEE meeting, reporting results from all 11 ILEE projects to date. One of these, related to the NZ concrete project, was presented by Rick Henry who is generously sharing advice from his experiences.


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